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Keyboard shortcuts for Clip Studio Paint
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After seeing, on DeviantArt, what user czartmop did, I decided to make a keyboard shortcut scheme for CSP EX, valid for PCs with an Italian keyboard. For systems with MacOS it should be the same (oh, I think so...), changing the CTRL key to the Command key.
Click on the image to download
the 300 dpi printable version

  • For commands with a grey background, simply press the corresponding key;
  • for those with a light cyan background, press CTRL together;
  • with a salmon background press Shift together;
  • yellow background: simultaneously press Alt;
  • for those with a purple background press CTRL and Shift together;
  • for those with a green background press CTRL and Alt together;  
  • brown background: also press CTRL + Alt + Shift;
  • blue background: also press Shift + Alt.
  • Alt and AltGr perform various functions, depending on the active tool.
Those formatted in italics relate to personal settings, not defaults. Temporary commands are not shown.

Pin-up shortcut for graphics tablets
I then rearranged the order of the buttons to fit my graphics tablet, a 24-inch Cintiq: once printed, I cut out the two columns of the image and taped them to the sides of the sensitive area of the screen. My myopia thanks me.
I am not sure, but I think they can also be adapted to other tablet models.

Click on the image to download
the 300 dpi printable version
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