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Inktober is a contest held every year during the month of October.

Each day, a drawing must be made, following a list of prompts that is provided at the beginning of the month by the organisers. A characteristic feature of the drawings is that they must be made exclusively in ink. In the initial intentions, at least, as many participants tend to overdo it and use other techniques as well. I participated in 2017.

March of Robots 2020
With the same kind of deadlines, March of Robots is held every year in March. It consists of making one drawing a day starring one or more robots, each time following the theme proposed by the organisers. Although it is a challenge to come up with one idea a day for a month, participating in the March of Robots is quite fun, because I love drawing little robots!
By the way, these drawings were noticed on the Internet and thanks to them I got a contract to make part of the board game MonsDRAWsity.

March of Robots 2022
After the exertions of 2020, I decided to try my hand at March of Robots again in 2022.
Finding an idea a day, sometimes even the desire, is not always easy, so much so that in the end I said to myself: never again!
But who knows?

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