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Sometimes, while drawing, I record the process with the cam or with screen-captures (depending on the method I am drawing with, analogue or digital). It is fun then to watch the drawing again, perhaps a bit accelerated, as it takes shape and is finally completed.
This type of video, by other artists, has been useful to me in understanding certain steps of the creative process; in the case of digital drawings, the most useful videos are those where you see the entire interface of the program. Clip Studio Paint, the program I use most often, has a function that allows you to directly record what you are doing; unfortunately it only records what is happening in the canvas, so although I sometimes use the function, I find it more useful to use other programs to record what is happening on the screen. I get on well with NCH Debut (you can find it here; they don't pay me, I swear! quite simply, it works fine) which, among other functions, it can highlight where the cursor is, very useful when watching this type of video to learn.
Enjoy your viewing!
Luca Zaia
Luca Zaia is the president of the Veneto region, where I live. The cue for the caricature is a statement he made in February 2020, when the Covid epidemic started to spread in Italy: '[The Chinese] we've all seen them eating live mice or something like this...'

Alfred Hitchcok
Caricatureof the great director, here set in a couple of his films: Psycho and The Birds.
Chrismas 2022
Making of the Christmas 2022 cartoon, titled: "Very funny, Rudolph!"
Prince Harry
He wrote a book and everybody talks about it.
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk is the fantastic actor who plays the alien Hah Re and his human incarnation, Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, in the television series Resident Alien. Needless to say, it is a very enjoyable series. Tudyk is a master of facial expressions and makes me laugh a lot.
Sweet girls of Mars!
Making of this AstroGirl cartoon.
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