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Hi and welcome!
Thank you for visiting.

After some time, I've renewed the look of the site and its contents; I am still working on completing the various sections and adding something interesting.

Inside, you will find my drawings, in their various expressions, and a section dedicated to resources for the digital drawing software Clip Studio Paint.

A part of the website that wasn't there before is the one dedicated to the blog: besides some news and considerations, I would like to use it to publish some "how to" dedicated to Clip Studio Paint, rewriting and/or integrating parts of my notes.

Be patient if everything is still not working as it should, it should become fully functional soon.

In the meantime, happy browsing!


The English version of the site is currently under construction, but there always will be a slight lag behind the Italian version. Until its completion, the remaining pages will be a copy of the Italian version.
Check back soon!
Christmas 2022
A come Andromeda
Sweet Girls of Mars!

New caricature: A come AndromedaUtility: switch from mm or cm to pixels and calculate resolution. And vice versa.New cartoon: The Sweet Girls of Mars!Blog: A come Andromeda

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